Review: The Cribs: Ignore the Ignorant

  • 03 Sep 09

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When the news broke The Cribs were going to be joined than none other than former Smith’s guitarist and all round legend Johnny Marr, the fanbase was awash with gasps, gaped mouth’s and cries of shock, almost despair. Fans of the music were positive the outcome would be nothing more than an amazing hybrid of post punk coated in Marr tinted janglings, whereas purists were distraught at the mere idea that anyone dare mess with the genetic equilibrium the Jarman brothers have carved out for themselves even before any of them had picked up a guitar or drumstick. Of course this being The Cribs they have once again shown that with the right mindset, ability and aesthetic, they can change and try new avenue’s without necessarily detracting or alienating from there fanbase. Oh and having one of the greatest guitarists of all time feature helps as well. The album opens with original offering ”We Were Aborted”, a song sure to be a live favourite. Jarman’s barking guitar work should conflict, yet sits so perfectly swimming in Marr’s loose ramblings. The production is reminiscent of there previous effort ”Men’s Needs Women’s Needs Whatever”, a clean professional pop sheen throughout, which of an outfit of such an ever growing sophistication and (for lack of a better word) proffesionality is to be an expected. Retreating back to scratchy analogue of old would be nothing but kitsch, almost a gimicky move, not one The brothers Jarman (and cousin Jonathan) are going to making any time soon.

(I wasn’t sure how much to write for this, and despite my love for this album I couldn’t be bothered writing a track by track review, so just take my word, its amazing, go purchase immediately)

Joe Thresh