NEWS: The Big Pink ‘going hip hop’

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  • 14 Jan 11

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See Robbie Furze’s epic facepalm on the left there? Yeah, that’s how I feel right now. Clearly aware of the fine tradition of bands making bizzare claims about the sound they’re aiming for on their second album, noise The Big Pink have decided to not rock the boat and declare that their forthcoming sophomore effort will be a hip-hop album “in the same way that Massive Attack or Tricky or Portishead are hip-hop in their own way”. Naturally that means getting a well respected hip hop producer on board, right? RIGHT!? Well, obviously not as they’ve plumped for Paul Epworth, a man who’s previous production credits include mockny songbird Kate Nash, Babyshambles and… Adele. Here’s hoping for Rudebox-esque rapping, then.

The Big Pink’s as yet untitled second album will appear on shelves at some point this year, with a bunch of tracks we don’t know the name of. It will sound about as hip-hop as your Grandma’s Cliff Richard collection, despite probably being very good.