NEWS: The Antlers announce new album, still don’t wear antlers.

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  • 08 Mar 11

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The Antlers are back! Yes, it’s been 1 and a bit year gap since the sad faced indie rockers released their hauntingly beautiful début LP ‘Hospice’ into a world of people just a shade too happy, and now they’re back with an album called “Burst Apart”. Burst Apart, will, with all likeliness, see the band segueing effortlessly into dream funk and completing their journey from mere mortals in to the sun gods we all secretly suspected they were. Alternatively, it’ll just be lots more sad music for me to mope around to, I can’t get enough of it. Behold, a tracklisting.

01 I Don’t Want Love
02 French Exit
03 Parentheses
04 No Widows
05 Rolled Together
06 Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out
07 Tiptoe
08 Hounds
09 Corsicana
10 Putting the Dog to Sleep

FUN FACT: If you take the first letter of every track, you can spell the word chipper with only a t, a and n left over. Come on bro, you and me. Slam Scrabble, yo.