Thank the lord: Belle & Sebastian return to the studio.

  • 07 Mar 10

  • News


If, like me, you enjoy your Belle ALMOST as much as you prize your Sebastian you’ll be glad to hear the band are hard at work (presumably, they didn’t go into specifics) on their new LP, the first for four years. Here are the things that are set in stone already;

  1. It will have amazing album artwork
  2. You will feel cooler owning said artwork and have it laying casually on your coffee table, you hipster you.
  3. The music will also be top notch

Here’s what they said in an email to all those people who signed up to the mailing list;

“We’ve been in the studio these last few weeks writing some new tracks and shortly we will say cheerio to Glasgow for a while when we set off to L.A. to record our next album.”

The more surprising thing is that all those mailing lists you sign up for might actually yield some reward one day!