SUMMER CAMP EXPLOSION: Artwork, video, track listing, more!


As per tradition, I’ve been nice and slow when it comes to posting about Summer Camp. I like to think of it as a endearing trait, like how I cut my toenails and leave them on the arm of the sofa for you to find at your leisure. Sure, it might be annoying but you’d miss it if it were gone (well,  maybe not). That’s why that I’ve taken this opportunity to collate all the various Summer Camp news which has found its way into my Google Reader feed over the last few months (Hey, did you know our RSS feed actually works now? Go on, add us) into one handy, pansexual, post for your to wrap your eyes and ears around.

DEBUT ALBUM! Summer Camp, with a full length LP? Yes, that is exactly what it is. Unsurprisingly, that’s the artwork at the top of this post. Look at all those people, it’s like i’m really in a large scale social gathering where people aren’t completely horrified by my lack of physical perfection. Worth the entrance money alone. Here’s a bleedin’ track listing.

1. Better Off Without You
2. I Want You
3. Losing My Mind
4. Summer Camp
5. Nobody Knows You
6. Down
7. Welcome to Condale
8. Done Forever
9. Last American Virgin
10. Ghost Train
11. 1988

It’ll be available from all sensible retailers on the 31st of October.

VIDEO! Just yesterday, right, this band wot r called Summer Camp put out a video for one of the finest pop ditties of the year. One which I wrote about when it was nothing but a waveform in the early morn of its life. View it below, hombre.

BONUS! Here’s the B-Side to the ‘Better Off Without You’ 7 inch. It’s called ‘Probably Right’, it is.