Sugar We're Going Down(load)

  • 11 Sep 09

  • News


Sprouting from the recent news that (Darth) Lord Mandelson has proposed plans to cut off or suspend the internet connection of any music lover caught downloading music illegally, artists from bands such as Blur and Radiohead have united in their quest against the (Darth) Lord himself.

They claim that music lovers shouldn’t be punished but should instead be encouraged to obtain music legally. I’m all for their soft approach to Mandelson but what exactly is going to change his mind? There are already various legal music download sites and services but it still comes with a price. I admit I download music illegally occasionally but this is rare. There comes a point in anyones life where they have to make a decision. Download the new Friendly Fires remix for 79p off iTunes (or any other internet based music dealership) or buy that ever necessary pint of milk. I for one would buy the milk and download the remix through a Google search because as of yet it is impossible to download semi-skimmed milk.