SEE: Tupac’s holographic ghost perform alongside Snoop Dogg

22 tupac hologram

Generally, it’s considered bad form to reanimate the corpse of your deceased friend for the entertainment of thousands of sweaty, incredibly wasted festival goers. It’s just something you don’t see often see. Thankfully, that kind of pointed social stigma is something Snoop saw no problem in and ploughed right on ahead with this, the shameless and relentlessly creepy resurrection of deceased rapper Tupac during his Coachella 2012 show. So how was it done? Well, the video was composed by a New York based special effects company called MPC using a mixture of live footage, wire framing and CGI and was then projected onto foil designed to the principals of the “Peppers Ghost” trick. Which is equal measures impressive, gaudy and offensive. Meanwhile, on the other hand, they played Ganster fucking Party! See the performance below, ghost fans.