SAD MUSIC: Perfume Genius announces “Put Your Back N 2 It”, gives away “All Waters”


Perfume Genius- All Waters

Is it possible to be camp and sad? A question posed by many philosophers over the years, several of which had quite wonderful beards, which means they’re extremely important. Now I’m not claiming to know the answer, all I know is, yes, yes it is. How do I know? Why, i’ll tell you, old buddy. Michael “don’t mind the lipstick and coquettish stare, i’m actually crying inside” Hadreas. Yes sir, the gentleman behind the wonderfully morose Perfume Genius. His debut album, Learning, a record so brutally confessional you’d struggle to separate the sounds from the mental image of a human being so shriveled from regular baths of tears, you’d you’d strain to tell him apart from actual real life human/carrot hybrid- Jasper Carrot. Imagine my heightened-for-effect surprise, then, when I discovered his visage instead resembled something of Zac Pennington dressed for a quiet night in with family.

Seriously, man.

Anyway, PG-tips has a new album coming out soon. It’s called Put Your Back N 2 It which may or may not be a reference to Ice Cube’s enduring classic. Ah, uh, not that one. This one. According to the “pressy” (that’s what we in the “biz” call press releases, we’re too busy snorting cocaine from prostitutes’ navels to write it out fully, of course) this is how it sounds.

“Put Your Back N 2 It” is lush and universal, and sees an expansion of both his thematic and sonic palette, playing as a broad meditation on intimacy, power, family, secrecy and hope, not just through his impressionistic lyrics, but through the music itself as well.

Brill, here’s a tracklisting too.

1. “Awol Marine”
2. “Normal Song”
3. “No Tear”
4. “17”
5. “Take Me Home”
6. “Dirge”
7. “Dark Parts”
8. “All Waters”
9. “Hood”
10. “Put Your Back N2 It”
11. “Floating Spit”
12. “Sister Song”

Put Your Back N 2 It should find its way towards your ears on the 20th of Febuary, for the time being though, feel free to enjoy ‘All Waters’ directly above.