SAD FACES: Grinderman call it quits, mid life crisis aficionados mourn the loss

  • 13 Dec 11

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Grinderman, the side project of Nick Cave and his merry band of Bad Seeds, have been successfully channeling the musical output of that aforementioned stolen underground space since 2006. Along the way we’ve had two albums, both of which charted somewhere around the “Actually, pretty fucking great” marker on the “Any good?” scale. Which is a lovely thing, isn’t it? Besides, it’s not like anybody had lost faith in Australia’s only successful export outside of warm, foul tasting beer and the word “Crikey”. He’s basically been spectacular since the very second he shuffled his way out of his mothers poor, illustrious genitalia. So it’s with great sadness and a surprisingly large degree of understanding that I announce- alongside every other fucking website on the planet -that Nick Cave’s Big Boys Play Guitar Real Loud, Yeah, Grinderman have called it quits following a headline set at the Meredith Music Festival in Victoria by utilizing the following collection of words, which I have displayed below for your closure.

That’s it for Grinderman. It’s over… See you all in another 10 years, when we’ll be even older and uglier”

Boo hoo, indeed.