Rivers Cuomo announces new solo album/Pinkerton tapes

  • 12 Dec 10

  • News


Ultra-cool Weezer vocalist and another contender for the title of whitest man alive, Rivers Cuomo, has today announced the release of his third solo album, and the previously unheard Pinkerton tapes, on his Facebook page. His solo albums, which are more compilations of the hundreds of unreleased songs and demos he claims to have collected, have been met with critical acclaim. This one in particular looks like it’s going to make a lot of Weezer fans very happy – the Pinkerton tapes, songs originally intended for their dark punk-pop masterpiece Pinkerton, is a frequently discussed topic amongst fans. The band has recently been at a loss – the quality of their last few albums can be summed up with the cover of the particuarily shaky Raditude, but recently made a comeback of sorts with the release of Hurley. This new album looks set to continue the critical killing spree, as it were, that Rivers and Weezer have been having recently.