REUNION BAND-WAGON TRUNDLES ON: Black Sabbath? More Like BACK Sabbath (get it because they’re BACK together…)

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  • 11 Nov 11

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SURE your weird uncle with the impossibly stained, holey AC/DC 1995 tour t-shirt is likely to soil his levis, and maybe you’ll find yourself ”na na na” ing along a loose approximation of Paranoid if you accidentally flick on to coverage of their headline slot at Download this year. But do Ozzy and the gang really think by getting together and releasing an album of brand new material after 33 years, that they’re going to top that masterpiece up there? Come on guys, anyone would think you’d spent a lifetime taking copious amounts of drugs until your senses and motor skills were shot, before falling off speeding quadbikes and almost killing yourselves. The campaign for the Kelly/Ozzy reunion starts here. No here. No wait I liked where it started originally. It starts there.