READ: My Bloody Attempt at writing up a My Bloody Valentine interview

  • 08 Apr 12

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Eternal cock-tease and occasional Primal Scream (read: not-very-good-band) collaborator Kevin Shields once belonged to a group called My Bloody Valentine. Sounds pretty emo, right? They released a bunch of EPs nobody really cares about, an underrated master piece called ‘Isn’t Anything’ and an overrated album of fridge field recordings named ‘Loveless’ (Sounds pretty emo, right?) Anyway – to cut a long story short – MBV gave up when they released that Slowdive were consistently releasing superior albums and went their separate ways. Shields went off to make pretentious Afrobeat and work with the aforementioned Primal Scream and the lesbian one drove taxies.

Psuedo-intellectual noise fans would later rejoice as they reformed in the 00s, playing many shows (one of which gave me tinnitus which I still retain to this day, fuck you guys seriously) but recording nothing, despite tales of an Aphex Twin-rivalling number of unreleased, almost finished recordings. Another out of date institution, Pitchfork, offered some light on the situation with an effortless interview R Kev gave to someone who was probably wearing tortoise-shell glasses and wearing an anchor print wife beater – the Irish in me tells me that K-Dog was probably just using the pretence of an interview to sneak into the interviewer’s garage and steal his ladders though.

ANYWAY, Kevin says that he’s going to release a new album soon or some shit. Why am I even saying this? You’re only going to read it. GO HERE AND DO MY JOB FOR ME #METAJOURNALISM