NEWS: Radiohead to release Supercollider/The Butcher, force people to go to record stores

265 Supercollider-TheButcher
  • 29 Mar 11

  • News


Sure, it might not be the mythical part two of The King of Limbs that you’ve been secretly touching yourself over for the last few weeks, but it’s something and not nothing, which means we can all climb back form the edge’s of our collective seats and finally take a deep, well earned breath. Yep, Radiohead are releasing yet more material, this time in the form of a double A-side 12″ with the tracks Supercollider (insert joke about it sounding like a Muse song title here) and The Butcher, which they’ve played live a bunch of times and you can hear by clicking on all this blue text you see before your very eyes. All this is aid of Record Store Day in the UK (which we wrote about here and here, in a typically sexually charged manner (you know I’m kidding, right?)), although you’ll have to put on your trademarked Pokémon running shoes on because they only have 2000 copies to hand out.

In other news that newspaper got handed out and I strolled around a city in Switzerland for LITERALLY HOURS looking for screaming people, stampedes and a guy taking pictures of me for some sordid website, all to no avail. So instead of all that newspaper related fun I purchased a suitcase from a man with a moustache, walked up a steep hill and had a coffee. Fuck the poe-leace.