Radiohead returning to studio January 2010

  • 21 Dec 09

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Its official, Radiohead will return to the studio to work on a forthcoming material in January 2010, so far we don’t know weather this is an album or a series of ep’s and one off singles like the band previously mentioned, stating they were bored of the album format. At any rate Ed O’Brian posted an extra large-slightly Christmas themed essay of sorts on the bands website. Speaking of the forthcoming material Ed said;

The vibe in the camp is fantastic at present, and we head off into the studio in January to continue on from the work we started last Summer .. I am so genuinely excited about what we’re doing, but for obvious reasons I can’t divulge anything more.. anyway we all love surprises don’t we? 10 years ago we were all collectively (that’s the band) in the land of Kid A .. and although hugely proud of that record, it wasn’t a fun place to be .. What’s reassuring now, is that we are most definitely a different band, which should therefore mean that the music is different too and that is the aim of the game….keep it moving.

Like a hug from the indie Santa.