Primal Scream to release Screamadelica reissue, makes us Come Together and Shine Like Stars all over again

  • 29 Nov 10

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If you’re looking for a single album that informed modern dance music more than any other, you’d be hard pressed to find a better candidate than Primal Scream’s soon to be 20 year old classic “Screamadelica”. It marked their transition from filthy garage rock outfit to visionary dance rock titans, and to celebrate such hyperbolic nonsense they’re reissuing it in the form of a massively pumped up SPECIAL EDITION (capital letters cuz it’s properly special and that) box set. Featuring 4 cd’s, a vinyl copy of the LP, a tee-shirt and what appears to be some assorted art cards, for the man who has absolutely everything but assorted Screamadelica art cards. Of course, we have no pre order page but what we do have is a small, slightly lo res picture and a track listing for the cd’s, so feel free to check those out both above and below respectively.

Screamadelica Collector’s Edition:

CD1: Re-mastered album by Primal Scream and Kevin Shields

01 Movin’ On Up
02 Slip Inside This House
03 Don’t Fight It, Feel It
04 Higher Than the Sun
05 Inner Flight
06 Come Together
07 Loaded
08 Damaged
09 I’m Comin’ Down
10 Higher Than The Sun (A Dub Symphony in Two Parts)
11 Shine Like Stars

CD2: Live in L.A., 1992

CD3: Mixes

01 Loaded (Farley Mix)
02 Loaded (7″ Mix)
03 Come Together (Farley 7″ Mix)
04 Come Together (Wetherall 7″ Mix)
05 Come Together (Terry Farley Extended 12″ Mix)
06 Come Together (Hypnotone Brain Machine Mix)
07 Come Together (BBG Mix)
08 Higher Than The Orb (5:00)
09 Higher Than The Sun (12″ Mix)
10 Higher Than The Sun (American Spring Mix)
11 Don’t Fight It (7″ Edit)
12 Don’t Fight It (Graham Massey Mix)
13 Don’t Fight It (Scat Mix)
14 Don’t Fight It (High, High, High Massey Mix)
15 I’m Losing More Than I E ver Had
16 Ramblin Rose

CD4: The Dixie Narco EP (re-mastered)

01 Movin’ On Up
02 Stone My Soul
03 Carry Me Home
04 Screamadelica

DVD: The Making of Screamadelica


A1 Movin’ On Up
A2 Slip Inside This House
A3 Don’t Fight It, Feel It
B1 Higher Than The Sun
B2 Inner Flight
B3 Come Together
C1 Loaded
C2 Damaged
C3 I’m Comin’ Down
D1 Higher Than The Sun (A Dub Symphony in Two Parts)
D2 Shine Like Stars