PRE ORDER: Kohwi’s ‘Hidden Trees’

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  • 16 Apr 11

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Remember the Kohwi review I posted last year? No? Nor do I, but I suppose that’s what a combination of born again Christianity and brutal heroin addiction will do to you. Anyway, I gave the album a score of 8, something which I have yet to top, so it should be clear that I like it. Actually, MM’s resident artist and all-round handyman Alec drew this uncomfortable and sexually inappropriate image so you can visualise just how much I loved ‘Hidden Trees’:

This is not safe for work, although to be fair, if you’re at work you should be doing work and not reading music blogs.

After you’ve taken a moment to process that horrific image (sorry Kohwi) you should run over to here and pre-order the first vinyl pressing of the previously cassette-only release. You know, in the spirit of Record Store Day and everything. Make up for downloading the album for free of his bandcamp, maybe, you tight motherfucker.