OPERATION THOMBOLA: Thom Yorke/MF DOOM set to release more collaborations

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  • 17 Mar 11

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The above image has been photoshopped. Thom Yorke has in fact never been witnessed wearing the mask made famous by underground legend and all-round mysterious mofo MF DOOM, although following the news that they may release an entire record together, I wouldn’t be surprised if DOOM had let Yorke try it on in the privacy of the bedroom.

Way back in 2009, before the internet was even around to inform you of shit like this, Yorke remixed “Gazzillion Ear”, a track off DOOM’s comeback record “Born Like This”. Hoodrats and white, suburban middle-class Radiohead fans the world over rejoiced. However, recently, when asked what he was working on, DOOM mentioned tracks with Yorke as one of the many projects he was toiling away on, along with the new Madvillain album. When pressed further, he told the interviewer that it was likely an album would appear in the future: MF DOOM confirmed for shit-tier secret keeper.