OLD/NEW MATERIAL: Wu Lyf – Go Tell Fire (reprise)

  • 08 Sep 11

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Ah MiscMusic (or is that Mr DotNet to plebs like myself?), tis good to be back. Logging on to you today, and taking a peek at your inner workings, after an absence of little more than a week, was like sauntering into your favourite bar after pay day. Okay your favourite bar if the decor was a maniacal shade of radioactive. And the bar staff are embittered, sarcastic hermits with a rabid desire to digest music, that runs deeper than Wu Lyf’s commitment to trying to encapsulate the sound of a punch drunk, Hilary Duvet, ranting loudly at a wedding. It’s with that laboured link (I don’t go to University to study journalism for nothing you know…) that we enter the portion of this post with actual information in it. Much like the third Jedward sibling, Go Tell Fire (reprise) was a track originally intended to close Wu Lyf’s much lauded debut of the same name, but for whatever reasoning it didn’t make the cut. Maybe it was the creeping realisation that the finished product is a Joseph Merrick shaped monster mash of a seedy dance dominator, Guru Josh’s Infinity and this? Or if my translation of Ellery Roberts free form, beat poet, mumbo jumbo jive talk (an offshoot of English so achingly cool, only street urchins from the future can fully understand it) is correct, it’s down to their inability to get it ”just right”. Who knows. Until Waterstones start stocking a Wu to English Dictionary, you can hear the track/decipher hipster patter here.