OH BOY: Kindness’ “World, You Need a Change of Mind” details, artwork

  • 28 Dec 11

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One man Arthur Russell fan, nu disco spearhead and international man of mystery Adam Bainbridge is a slippery character. Imagine him covered in baby oil, bubbles and a thin sheet of surprisingly resilient ice. Yeah, he’s just that hard to pin down. Still, as WU LYF will attest to; there’s only so long you can live in the shadows before Pitchfork begin a new round of Internet Musical Circlejerk and you’re forced uncomfortably into everyone’s “look how ahead of the curve I am” playlist. The same fate has befallen the Kindness man, and he is now SELLING THE FUCK OUT (sarcasm) and releasing an album of his previously hard to attain music. It’s called “World, You Need a Change of Mind” and according to Apple’s music store, it’ll be available for purchase on the 19th of March, the year of our lord 2012.  Here’s a tracklisting, where some of the words can be clicked. You should probably do that.

02 Swingin Party 
03 Anyone Can Fall In Love
04 Gee Wiz
05 Gee Up
06 House
07 That’s Alright
08 Cyan
09 Bombastic
10 Doigsong

You’ll be able to buy it from all wonderful record stores. Also, Merry Christmas.