NEWS/STREAM: My Bloody Valentine simultaneously announce and release new record ‘m b v’


In life, there are some things which transcend the borders of mere mortal excitement; incremental updates to old Nintendo games (Now in HD!), going to one of those places where fish eat your feet for money, and, of course the ever looming promise of a new My Bloody Valentine album. For nearly 22 years now, Kevin has gone on and on about being ‘nearly finished’ or ‘ready to go’, making the boy who cried wolf look positively reliable in his proclamations, but today, he’s finally made good on his endless promises. My Bloody Valentine have released their 3rd LP entitled ‘m b v’, and if you caught yourself worrying they’d undergone a sonic makeover, you need not worry – m b v is very much the sound of Loveless echoing around an infinite tunnel for 22 years, which is brilliant, obviously. Here’s a track listing, followed by where you can (and should) buy it.

1. she found now

2. only tomorrow

3. who sees you

4. is this and yes

5. if i am

6. new you

7. in another way

8. nothing is

9. wonder 2

You can get it here, via whatever medium pleases you (Minidisk excluded, sorry, mid-90’s). Alternatively, you can hear YouTube versions of the entire album above. You should probably book a day off, or something.