NEWS/HEAR: Emmy the Great and Tim Wheeler come together for “This is Christmas” LP


Emmy The Great & Tim Wheeler – Christmas Day (I Wish I Was Surfing)

I’m still mad at you, Tim. Emmy was mine from the start, you can’t just rock up and steal her from me before I even had a chance to declare my borderline creepy love for her, it’s just not cool, man. Whatever, at least you haven’t started poisoning her with your brand of rather disappointing pop pu- oh what, you have? You’re going to release a Christmas album? Well it’ll probably be really folky and gorgeous, she probably just lets you fumble around with power chords in the background or somethi- Oh, that’s the lead song above? Is Emmy even in it? Ah, well that’ll explain it. Frankly I’m impressed you managed to record that entire track while she was in the bathroom. It doesn’t matter, I don’t even care. Who do you think you are, She & Him?

“This is Christmas” will be out on the 21st of November.