NEWS/HEAR: Baths announces new LP ‘Obsidian’, streams first single “Miasma Sky”

baths obsidian

Ask yourself this, is there a more obvious metaphor for playing around with darker themes than naming your album after a material that is literally darker than the namesake of your last album? No, of course not, unless you’re willing to title your record “SAD SONGS” and put a big crying face on the cover, along with a complimentary vial of tears and semen. Baths man Will Wiesenfeld was apparently unwilling to do that, but he did decide to name his latest record Obsidian (which is black, to those unfortunate souls who aren’t geologists or Minecraft fans) as a nod to the title of his debut, the cyan-esque Cerulean, an album which quickly became a sort of “Why don’t you own this” sort of affair upon its 2010 release. Nomenclature aside, Wiesenfeld has also made available for streaming the first single from that LP, the impressively hi-fi ‘Miasma Sky’, which finds Baths adopting wholesale the kind of crisp pop aesthetic that tempted Toro Y Moi away from the funk enclosed chillwave that marked his first to releases, albeit with that promised darker hue in effect to keep shit from going too Justin Bieber. Here’s a track listing, if that’s what gets you off.

01 Worsening
02 Miasma Sky
03 Ironworks
04 Ossuary
05 Incompatible
06 No Eyes
07 Phaedra
08 No Past Lives
09 Earth Death
10 Inter

Obsidian is dropping via the perpetually brilliant Anticon on the 28th of May, do with that information what you will.