NEWS: Zomes announce new album, organ drone fans mumble in glee

  • 17 Nov 11

  • News


See that man up there, glancing into your soul with the kind of world weary indifference that only organ based drone artists can attain? Yeah, he’s Asa Osborne, the man behind such strangely disparate musical efforts of Lungfish, The Pupils & Tear Jerks. He’s also the one man repetition king behind Zomes, whose second LP, entitled ‘Earth Grid’ (which I liked rather a lot, thank you very much) earned itself a coveted and not at all wildly unimpressive space on our recommended albums bar (to the left, to the left, please guide your gaze to the box to the left).

It pleases therefore pleases me in no small way to announce that Zomes will be returning with a set of three improvised pieces recorded to cassette (why), cleverly called ‘Improvisations’. Want a track list? Yes you do, you whore.

01. No. 1
02. No. 2
03. No. 3

Contain your excitement, please.

‘Improvisations’ will be out on the 23rd of January, don’t enter February without it.