NEWS: Zac Pennington & Sam Mickens join Xiu Xiu

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  • 23 Apr 11

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Death, taxes, Xiu Xiu personnel changes and the continued demise of the former glorious musical beat combo known to many as Weezer. All are inevitable rocks to cling onto in this ever quickening whirlpool of dissolution, lust and change that we call life. Electric word, life. It means forever and that’s a mighty long time. But fear not, because Stew Stew has only gone and messed around with his band’s formation once more, for your health.

The ever prolific frontman has wrangled in the assistance of demi-god and all ’round spectacular singer/music guy Zac Pennington of Parenthetical Girls fame (he DID produce the superior version of their début album, after all) and Sam Mickens from The Dead Science (for the first time every single band member will be contributing to songs) which combine to round off the most obvious candidates for possible Xiu Xiu bandmates of all time. In addition to that crotch tingling news, the band are planning a 7″ release featuring new track ‘Daphney’ as well as a follow up to the beautiful 2010 LP ‘Dear God I Hate Myself’, planned for early 2012.

That might have been a bit fact-y. Look, here’s a funny tumblr, amuse yourself.

BONUS: He’s got a twitter now, how frightfully modern! Highlight: “how do you rate your own attractiveness on a scale of A to Z? A) being burning mold and Z) being so fuckable your legs are almost broken.” ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS, YEAH?