NEWS: Panda Bear’s ‘Tomboy’ tracklisting revealed

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  • 22 Jan 11

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So what if every single bl0g on the face of the planet? You’re probably so damned excited about the prospect that you’ve been itching to read about it all over again, so it’s fine right? Anyway, Panda Bear’s latest LP not only has a release date (April 19th for us humans) but now it’s also been bestowed with that most pointless of information, a tracklisting. Interested? Look below these words, bro.

01 You Can Count on Me
02 Tomboy
03 Slow Motion
04 Surfer’s Hymn
05 Last Night at The Jetty
06 Drone
07 Alsatian Darn
08 Sheherezade
09 Friendship Bracelet
10 Afterburner
11 Benfica