NEWS: Yo La Tengo to release new EP this month, new album next year

yo la tengo stupid things
  • 08 Sep 12

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Alongside such luminous contemporaries The Flaming Lips, Yo La Tengo aren’t an easy band to suggest a starting point with. The songs that make up their 12 records veer stylistically from one to another, from wild psychedelic noise to beautiful, tender instrumental pieces, the schizophrenic postmodernism displayed in each record is something of a confusing wonder. Sadly, we’ve had nary a new sound from the group following their triumphant 2009 release Popular Songs, a fact now largely understood to be one of the trigger events in the global economic downturn. Three years on, and with the worlds finances still somewhere south of unbelievably poor, we’re due to get our first taste of Yo La Tengo in a world still coming to terms with the sheer revolutionary nature of Apple’s iPhone 4. The EP, due on the 25th of this very month (September), is called ‘Stupid Things’ and features the eponymous title track, a remix from EYE of The Boredoms and, I’ll quote here, “the full original 12-minute long instrumental of the track, awash with gorgeous “Autumn Sweater” style organ and some of Ira Kaplan’s most thoughtful and lyrical and guitar improvisations yet.”, which sounds outstanding.

Alongside that, the band dropped news that ‘Stupid Things’ will also appear on their forthcoming and as yet untitled studio album (albeit with completely different vocals) which they’re pegging for a early January release in 2013.

You can pre-order the limited (1500) 12″ over here for a measly $7.