NEWS: Yo La Tengo announce new album “Fade”, stream new song


Yo La Tengo, or, That Band You’ve Always Wanted To Get Into But Just Can’t Work Out Where To Start, have returned (following their brief excursion into the wild, wild world of limited edition EP’s) with an update regarding their previously promised, and massively hyped full length return. Naturally, this being their first outing since 2009’s clearly brilliant ‘Popular Songs’ LP, their new one is titled Fade, in one of those blatant attempt to force every musical hack in the land to write reviews that close with lines like “Contrary to the title of their latest LP, ‘Fade’ is the sound of Yo La Tengo glowing ever brighter”. If that tiny shard of knowledge wasn’t enough to get your fingers twitching in excited agony, Matador are promising it’s going to sit tonally between 1997’s stunning ‘I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One’ and 2000’s ‘And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out’, so expect gorgeous long form shuffles and the occasional noisy outburst. To get you in the spirit, the band are streaming the closing track from Fade above, it’s an achingly pretty slow number, with catastrophically beautiful horn sounds entitled “Before we Run”. Here’s a tracklisting, it will be followed by information.

Side 1
1. Ohm
2. Is That Enough
3. Well You Better
4. Paddle Forward
5. Stupid Things

Side 2
1. I’ll Be Around
2. Cornelia and Jane
3 Two Trains
4. The Point Of It
5. Before We Run

 It’s up for pre-order here, where it’s also slated for a January 14th (UK) and January 15th (USA) release date.