NEWS: Yeah Yeah Yeah’s announce new LP ‘Mosquito’, debut 2013’s worst artwork

jesus fucking christ
  • 14 Jan 13

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There’s something to be said for getting in there early, it’s often those who had a go but ultimately failed that end up getting the credit for later developments in the field. This rare group of pioneers are recorded in history books for all eternity, thereby granting them entrance to the special circle of hell reserved only for smug cunts. For somewhat dormant art punk threesome Yeah Yeah Yeahs though, they’ve utilized this technique to game the traditional end of year list round ups – or, to be a shade more specific, the hotly contested “worst artwork” category, by getting in there super-fucking-early with what’s probably be the ugliest thing they could think of to follow up the glorious art for 2009’s ‘It’s Blitz’. Still, new art does mean a new album, marking their first release since the aforementioned LP danced all over 2009 by being largely wonderful and their best work by far. This one’s due to be called ‘Mosquito’ and aside from production from regulars Dave Sitek and Nick Launay (with a single track contribution from James Murphy(!)), we don’t know an awful lot. Thankfully, O and Co have thrown together one of those oh-so-trendy album trailers to tell you absolutely nothing about the record (above), so I’ll go ahead and embed two tracks from the record as performed live by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in Pomona as well (below), for your consideration.

‘Mosquito’ is set to arrive on the 16th of April via Interscope.

NOTE: Following the release of the dance heavy It’s Blitz, Yeah Yeah Yeahs seemed like they could easilly producing one of the best disco records of the last 20 years. Judging from the live clips, they have failed at this task. Spectacularly.