NEWS: Xiu Xiu announce new album “Always”, stream new single “Hi”

  • 10 Jan 12

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Hi by Xiu Xiu

No, i’m not upset with you, Jamie. I mean, it’s not like you made at least one Xiu Xiu record every single year since 2002, only to leave me hanging after 2010’s supoib (that’s how New Yorkers say superb) “Dear God, I Hate Myself”. Oh no, it’s not like that at all. Oh wait, it is like that. But I’m not mad, i’ll be fine. At least, now I will be. Yes, fans of the emotionally explosive exploits of Jamie Stewart, Xiu Xiu are back with a new album, a new single AND a new logo. The latter of which may or may not look exactly like the XX logo turned fleshy, which is neither here nor there (A: may, here). The new record is called “Always”, which implies the kind of permanence which musicians can scarcely afford, and it’s also had quite the tough birth, what with the gloriously luminous entity of Zac Pennington both joining and then quitting the band among mysterious and probably bitchy circumstances. Those poor creatures.

Here’s a tracklisting for it, followed by some words, which I wrote.

01. Hi
02. Joey’s Song
03. Beauty Towne
04. Honey-Suckle
05. I Luv Abortion
06. The Oldness
07. Chimney’s Afire (Mickensian Suicide)
08. Gul Mudin
09. Born to Suffer
10. Factor Girl
11. Smear the Quen
12. Black Drum Machine

“Always” will be dropping (that’s music journalist speak for “arriving at all decent retailers”, we sure are a crazy bunch) on the 28th of February in the glorious European union and the 6th of March for everywhere else. Not only that, but there “500 limited edition copies of translucent pink 180 gram vinyl available via Polyvinyl mailorder. A collage poster of Xiu Xiu tattoos and scars accompanies the LPs.” which sounds absolutely wonderful. Europe can get it here, whilst everyone else must click here for that sweet sweet cash transaction action.

SOMETHING I WAS GOING TO WRITE IN THE TEXT ABOVE BUT FORGOT AND NOW AM SHOEHORNING INTO THIS LITTLE BIT AT THE BOTTOM: Xiu Xiu have a new single, too! It’s called “Hi” and you can here it directly above these words. As the sexually confused offspring of Fabulous Muscles and Dear God, I Hate Myself,  it’s one glorious mess of affected vocals, horrifically catchy melodies and deeply off kilter musicianship. Almost exactly like the kind you were waiting to hear ALL THE WAY THROUGH LAST YEAR. Sigh.