NEWS: Villagers announce new album {Awayland}

villagers awayland
  • 25 Sep 12

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Villagers are back! Those people of the village, led by Conor Oberst alike Conor O’Brian (I know, right) have been awfully quiet following their acclaimed debut effort Becoming A Jackal rocketed to the top of every 15 year old “indeh” types list of albums which seem pretty deep, probably. Well sure, they did find a little time to release live-favourite Cecelia & Her Selfhood as a free single, but it’s been a hefty stretch of radio silence until today (we’re going to pretend this didn’t happen, because I forgot to write about it), when the group took to the Domino mailing list to announce their latest record, {Awayland} (spelt both { Awayland } and {AWAYLAND} in the press release), the worst punctuated album title since Glasvegas’ tedious Euphoric /// Heartbreak \\\ in 2011.

As is common place in this age of aching modernity, {A WA YLA ND} (see, Domino, I can do it too!) has a trailer to call it’s own; a selection of ca-razy visual nonsense and select noises from that forthcoming record, noises which are expected to have titles like this.

My Lighthouse
Earthly Pleasure
The Waves
Judgement Call
Nothing Arrived
The Bell
Passing a Message
Grateful Song
In a Newfound Land You Are Free
Rhythm Composer

{Awayland} will drop via Domino on the 14th of January. Pre-order here, or, if you’re the Irish type, get in on a hand signed copy here.