NEWS: The Strokes at work on new album, ready to hurt you again [UPDATE]

The Strokes enjoy some Smokes
  • 12 Jun 12

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It’s widely understood that The Strokes, creators of Your Favourite Album Ever: 2001 Edition, hate each other. They spend much of the day throwing verbal fists, admitting they need the money and sleeping in separate beds, wishing they never got married in the first fucking place. Alas, they stay together for the kids, whose undying love for those who spawned them is the only thing (aside from contractual obligations, obvz) keeping the band together. 2011’s much hyped and widely unloved Angles did nothing to rekindle the love, and live performances appeared to range from pedestrian to downright forgettable. You know what all this information means, don’t you? Yes, it’s the perfect time for a new LP.  According to Billboard, the group have been loitering around New York’s Electric City Studios with producer Gus Oberg, presumably at work on their final album under contract with RCA. Prepare your body, this is going to be a let down.

UPDATE: The Strokes’ management are saying this isn’t true. Looks like your expectations are safe for another day.