NEWS: The Stone Roses reunite: world tour, possible third LP

  • 19 Oct 11

  • News


Rejoice, Mancunians the world over! Just as Jesus strolled out of his tomb a full three days after going for a nap, the Stone Roses have come together once again to do that curious Manc thing where they wander around with their arms behind their back nodding at the crowd. Yes, a full 15 years since they disbanded amongst the kind of animosity usually reserved for my feelings towards the central character in Into The Wild, they have returned. They’re going to be playing two shows in Manchester’s Heaton Park on the 29th and 30th of June 2012, as well as launching a world tour with plans of a third album already somewhere in the works.

Of course, this also means it’s time for -wait for it- REISSUES! If you kids are looking into getting into the remastering game, here’s a handy guide to keep you from doing actual work.

More news as we get it, promise.