NEWS: The Pixies could work on new material

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  • 02 May 11

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The Pixies, creators of numerous hits including “Who Took My Brain”, “Humongous” and “Here Comes A Gentleman” look like they’ll finally be taking a break from the tour which NEVER FUCKING ENDS (7 years, still going strong) to head to the studio to produce some new music together. David Lovering, aka “Who?” aka “Sticks McGee” aka “Oh Just Shut Up And Play the Drums” recently spilled those particular cat flavoured beans right out of the metaphorical bag by telling one lucky interviewer that after the current tour, “it’ll be time”. Here, read some more words from him.

“Making a record will be in the forefront … We’ve definitely gelled as a unit and hopefully when we can all bury the hatchet – and we have – maybe we’ll go in there and hope for the best.”

“I hate my life, I wish I could do something new. Maybe become the new drummer for Radiohead or something now that Phil’s been replaced by that cocky drum machine. It’s only a matter of time before they get tired of his drug abusuing, womanising ways. I’m bald too, which would make the transition easier, they could call me Phil at first if they wanted. I’d dress just like him and pretend to be British, do you know Thom Yorke’s phone number?”*

WHOAOAOAOAOAOAHOHOHOHOHOHOHO, just look at all those words. What a world we live in, ey? This of course means that if all this does finally come together we’ll be able to look forward to some undoubtedly past their prime musicians trotting out some stale material set to anger, confuse and dissatisfy anyone who has heard Doolittle in it’s entirety. What, aren’t you happy? Some people just can’t be pleased.

*This portion of the interview is fabricated, the drum machine is actually a Korg