NEWS: The Kills announce image collection Dream & Drive

  • 10 Jun 12

  • News


There are, according to the worlds very top scientists, two types of Kills fans. Sure, there’s the run of the mill “Oooh, I don’t half enjoy The Kills’ music, I do” sort, of which most sensible people find themselves fitting comfortably within, but there’s another type. A dangerous, rouge group of individuals whose devotion to the popular beat combo proves deeper than sheer musical admiration, they are the chosen few, the target audience for Dream & Drive. Carving out something resembling a biography and pulling from a pool of 20,000 images, you can be sure that’s it’s just about as exhaustive as your collection of dried skin samples and used coke cans that you successfully assembled over the years.  Seriously, get some help. It’s not cool anymore.

To tide you over until it’s August 16th release date (you can pre-order it here) , enjoy dual quotes from The Kills themselves about their new paper based adventure.

“I have a lot of love for those great flea-pits and cock-eyed stages of America in Kenneth’s pictures. We played on just about every one of them with their chewed-gum carpets that glued your feet down every time you tried to dance. Who’d have thought those cesspits could conjure up any magic? Of secret society proportions? We got over excited by everything back then. Everything. Even the crisps seemed exciting. Every night we’d let our heads fly way up into the clouds, dreaming we were super human and that our little band could go anywhere we wanted it to… And then bang back down to ground level at the next soundcheck with a one-eyed speaker cabinet and a dressing room wall covered in scribbled cocks. They turned out to be palaces of the supernatural those clubs, where your life could be changed one night, with nothing more than a knackered Fender Twin and a pair of disintegrating jeans. I’d forgotten it was really like that until we started on this book…” – J. Hince

“These are photos of locomotion. Silent visions of things turned up past their load. The tremble of the nightclub, the dive of backstage temporaries, electricity flung like paint through space, the FACE, the posture, the vehicle that hounds the road, sweats. I know when we’re looking straight on, we’re looking straight through. And I suppose it’s the drift and swing, that shows you who you are, and that music is a force and really is, all it’s cracked up to be. These photos make me remember everything.” –  A. Mosshart