NEWS: The Golden Filter announce film “Syndromes”, soundtrack


You know how it is, you’ll be wandering down the street as the sexy two person nu-disco outfit that you are and then, out of nowhere it’ll hit you. Of course, it’s all so clear now. Yes, you must team up with a Norwegian director (one Mr Kristoffer Borgli, to be precise) to produce a short film about “a young girl with mysterious talents that finds herself unwillingly entwined in an elite underworld that only the ailing wealthy are ever aware of”. Well, there’s the plot and then there’s all the cool kid friendly heavy lens filters (I BET ONE OF THEM’S GOLDEN, AMIRITE?) and more soft focus than you could shake a thousand Polaroid pictures of mildly disinterested looking fashonista’s at. More importantly though, this marks the first new material since the band after their genuinely great debut album Voluspa, which you should absolutely listen to, by the way. The ping-ponging moody disco track from the video, which should be located above these words (it is), is entitled Mother and is also available for your streaming concern directly below, along with the prerequisite facts.

My, what a gorgeous waveform. Syndromes will be out on the 10th of October in a DVD/CD, Digital Download, Ltd. Edition Vinyl & Signed Poster deal. Rather sweetly, you can purchase it over here.