NEWS: The Books announce retrospective box set, tell you all about it

the books
  • 30 Jul 12

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Following in the fine tradition of beloved bands releasing comprehensive career wide box sets alongside borderline unnecessary b-side and rarity collections, kings of collage music (that’s definitely a thing.. cough) The Books have risen from their post-break up silence to detail their sizable box of wonder, titled “A Dot In Time”. Their six sided musical casket contains vinyl copies of all four Books albums, the 45 track b-sides & rarities release Music for a French Elevator and Other Oddities, a cassette shaped USB stick with MP3 copies of every song, a two hour DVD featuring videos from across their career (unreleased and otherwise) and a 56 page picture book, which features more golf than you or I would reasonably expect from two people who don’t like, play, or largely understand the sport. The entire, rather beautiful collection is limited to 1000 volumes at a slightly eye watering $150 a pop, which while understandably pricey, would rank you roughly amongst the finest thousand people across this rapidly declining earth, so there’s something.

Buy it HERE, and watch Zammuto introduce the collection as only a proud father could – whilst wincing his way through the second beer of his life – above.