NEWS: The Based God now has his face on gym shorts

based shorts
  • 12 Jul 13

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Being Lil B is no easy job, in between hosting his world famous #girltime sessions (and other #historical events in his Twitter), producing more music than mere mortals can fathom and spreading enough positivity to blanket this fair enough in enough love to drown out the hate. As such, some of his devoted followers spend both time and money in helping the poor guy’s visage get out there and in to the hearts of the many. Enter fashion graduate (who else?) Isabel S-K, who has taken B’s visage and plastered it over a series of eye-wateringly expensive items of clothing. What kinds, I imagine you mutter? Well, aside from those fetching unisex gym shorts above, there’s also a ‘BASED CROPPED ZIP HOODIE’ and ‘BASED DRESS’ for sale between the prices of $220 and $260. Granted, making the clothing more expensive than most people can afford might be against the based ethos, but who really minds when you get to deposit your randid gym sweat on several versions of Lil B’s face.

All the items are available to pre-0rder over at VFILES, where you could very easily find yourself in possession of the most #rare of all clothing items, and a overdraft.