NEWS: That new Avalanches track wasn’t new, still cool

the avalanches
  • 03 Aug 12

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Oh, the art of the correction, why do we indulge in it? Well, we don’t like the idea of you wandering around, all cocksure, making bold claims regarding things which turn out to not be entirely true, you’d look silly. That’s why you’re reading this, because as it turns out, the song entitled “A track that may or may not be by The Avalanches” on the recent (and still great) Cool Gays mix was indeed by The Avalanches, but wasn’t anywhere near as new as I convinced you of. I’m sorry, but it’s still an interesting nugget from the history of that oh so mysterious band – a demo cut from the year 2000. Here’s a tweet to prove it.

You can enjoy the mixtape again above, where you’ll find that not-new-but-still-interesting track included.