NEWS: Sufjan Stevens to work with Son Lux & Serengeti as s/s/s

  • 29 Feb 12

  • News


Several weeks ago I engaged a friend in conversation over the whitest musicians currently working at this moment, he contested that Belle & Sebastian were almost unbeatable in this category, whilst I brought forward Sufjan Stevens in retort. What followed was a battle so heated, one casual observer described it as “inane and ridiculous”. Anyway, he’s wrong, because Sufjan produces music so incredibly white, the combined forces of Daz, Vanish Oxy Action and industrial levels of  bleach would produce results positively cream in comparison. It’s reasonably surprising, then, that Suffy would go ahead and team up with label buddies Son Lux and rapper Serengeti to produce music as s/s/s. The kind of surprise you get when you press the button for the lift, only to find somebody inside it. Really, you should have suspected that other people would be using it, and yet it still caught you off guard, how can you stand in the same space at them for 30 seconds now that they’ve seen you preparing for an empty lift? HOW? Come to think of it, it’s not much of a stretch to imagine Sufjan and Son Lux working together, both share a instrumentation fetish, a deep appreciation for stunning textures and they’re both dead skinny. As for Serengeti, Stevens worked with him back in ’09, he’s claimed to be bringing the “s” in s/s/s, with Pitchfork reporting that “the six-minute track “Museum Day” features Sufjan singing Auto-Tuned lines alongside rap verses from Serengeti” which sounds hilariously brilliant.

s/s/s will be releasing their “Bear and Claw” EP via Anticon (where else?) on the 20th of March. What follows is a track listing, I hope you enjoy it.

01 Museum Day
02 Beyond Any Doubt
03 If This Is Real
04 Octomom