NEWS: Sufjan Stevens announces 5 new Christmas EP’s, calls them “Silver & Gold”

sufjan stevens silver and gold
  • 03 Oct 12

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The crunch of snow underfoot, the sight of a child’s six mile smile, the sudden crushing loneliness. Of course, it could only be Christmas, your helpful yearly reminder of how happy everybody else seems to be in life. There are few mortals who understand the pain of this season better than Sufjan Stevens, whose billion mile stare could only belong to a man who has heard Basshunter’s Jingle Bass all the way through. His 2006 Songs for Christmas Box Set was just as beautiful as you would’ve hoped, containing five whole EP’s worth of hymns ditties and original compositions to play in the background of awkward Christmas dinners the planet over. Well, he’s gone and done some more of them and collected them in a volume entitled “Silver & Gold” which features 18 original tracks (one of which you can hear above right now) and 40 covers across five distinct EP’s.

It’s due for release on the 14th of November in the usual digital formats, but for those of us with vinyl fetishes/too much money to burn/not enough sense, Sufjan is putting together a limited run of 2000 box sets, with the following wildly cool things included for a miserly $120, due to ship before Christmas, with no promises made.

1.  Five EPs on 6 vinyl discs
2. Christmas stickers
3. Temporary tattoos (non-toxic & safe for children)
4. Paper ornament (self-assembly with directions)
5. 40-page Christmas songbook with vocal and piano reductions
6. Christmas coloring book
7. Hallucinogenic photographs and psychedelic graphic design (by Sufjan Stevens, drug-free since 1975)
8. Extensive liner notes (introductory salutations and an essay on the Christmas tree by Sufjan Stevens, and a few theological words on the End Times by Pastor Vito Aiuto)
9. Membership to the Silver & Gold email list—you’ll hear about new tracks, videos, and other content before anyone else.

And now, to extend an already overlong post, please find each EP’s artwork below, followed by the part where I finally tell you where to throw your money.