NEWS: Suede flesh out ‘Bloodsports’ details, share artwork

suede bloodsport
  • 17 Jan 13

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We meet, dearest reader, as I am in the throes of illness, unable to swallow, speak, stop shivering or construct appealing opening lines to blog posts. Naturally, this has taken a toll on my usually jovial mood, leaving me on to fend for myself on the wrung marked “yeah, not bad thanks”. Still, one mustn’t grumble, especially when one’s been handed the opportunity to climb down off the edge of their seat and finally wrap their peepers around the official track listing for Suede’s forthcoming return to the Wild World of Major Label Releases, their sixth album, and first since 2002’s lukewarm ‘A New Morning’ – entitled ‘Bloodsports’. Let’s admire it together, shall we?

1. Barriers
2. Snowblind
3. It Starts and Ends With You
4. Sabotage
5. For the Strangers
6. Hit Me
7. Sometimes I Feel I’ll Float Away
8. What Are You Not Telling Me?
9. Always
10. Faultlines

It doesn’t end there, either, because on top of that, they’ve taken the time to show the final, quite brilliant artwork for ‘Bloodsports’, which is helpfully located at the top of this post for your personal viewing delight™.

You can download the first track from here for free, as you wait in anticipation for that March 18th release date via Warner Brothers.