NEWS: Solange announces new EP ‘True’

solange true
  • 26 Oct 12

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Remember how we all got super excited after hearing Dev Hynes sterling work with the superior Knowles sister, Solange? Of course you do, it was a mere 24 days ago, safely within the fall out zone for such a perfect single. Well, those of you worried that a popular song backed by record labels with money would fail to be followed up can first have a stern word with yourself, and then lay those fears to bed because Solange has announced a new EP entitled ‘True’. It’s going to arrive via Chris Taylor’s incredible Terribe Records label, (which previously released one of my favourite singles ever) and will have the following series of tracks, in the order displayed below

01 Losing You
02 Some Things Never Seem to Fucking Work
03 Locked in Closets
04 Lovers in the Parking Lot
05 Don’t Let Me Down
06 Look Good With Trouble
07 Bad Girls (Verdine Version)

I’d be talking nonsense if I said I weren’t hyped as fuck for this. In between now and the 27th of November, please find embedded below the first cut from that EP, the superb ‘Losing You’. Or, if you’re a moneyed sort of person, pre-order it here.