NEWS: Sigur Rós will stream Valtari on Thursday

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  • 15 May 12

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Presuming you’ve been a good [gender], aside from a moment or two you’ll be blissfully unaware of the general magnificence of Sigur Rós’ new album Valtari. For all those who’ve resisted the temptation of that low-bitrate rip (fun fact: it came from an airplane), then Jonsi an his merry band of three blokes who do the music ‘n that have a special treat for you. It’s called VALTARI HOUR, and although it isn’t quite capitalized like that anywhere else, I do admire the sentiment of an entire hour of the day being specifically dedicated to listening to Valtari. The event will be taking place at 7pm in every single timezone across the world, meaning all you have to do, wherever you are, is point your browsing machine over towards this pretty little link right here to join in on all the hedonistic action that typically follows a Sigur Rós album broadcasting. How they’re going to handle the fact that Valtari is only 54 minutes long, I’ll never know.

To all those twitter kids, they’re asking you blindly promote the event both before, during and after with the hashtag #valtarihour. Stay safe.