NEWS: Sigur Rós detail ‘Inni’ live album and film, pretend that anyone cares about live albums

  • 16 Sep 11

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I’ve got an innie, it’s located roughly 4 inches northward of my waistline, as such it’s my firm and widely broadcast belief that Sigur Rós have now begun the fine tradition of naming albums after things to do with me. You cannot shake me of this faith, nor can you reason with my absolute insistence  that I’m right and you are a deeply evil person for doubting me (I bet you were sent by Chad Kroger to test my faith, weren’t you?). Hilarious religious metaphors aside, there’s some actual news here. Yes, the Icelandic collective that the kids call Sigur Rós have clarified exactly what Inni will compromise of; namely, a live CD and DVD with the following track listing, which includes new track (!) Lúppulagid.

CD 1:

01 Svefn-g-englar
02 Glósóli
03 Ný batterí
04 Fljótavík
05 Vid spilum endalaust
06 Hoppípolla
07 Med blódnasir
08 Inní mér syngur vitleysingur
09 E-Bow


01 Sæglópur
02 Festival
03 Hafsól
04 All Alright
05 Popplagid
06 Lúppulagid (bonus track)

Inni concert film:

01 Ný Batterí
02 Svefn-g-englar
03 Fljótavík
04 Inní mér syngur vitleysingur
05 Sæglópur
06 Festival
07 E-Bow
08 Popplagid
09 Lúppulagid

Bonus tracks:

01 Glósóli
02 Við spilum endalaus
03 Hafssól
04 All alright

There’s also a special edition version featuring these soon to be prized possessions.

An exclusive and unique-to-each-box artefact from the show itself in a numbered, printed envelope”, a one-sided etched vinyl 7″ containing “Lúppulagid”, four photographic prints, a badge, and “a black opaque envelope with 10 pieces of A5 light sensitive paper with instructions and special url for posting your homemade images to the website.

You can see the Inni version of Festival below, the entire thing will be released on 7th of November in the UK and one day later for the rest of the world. Get it here.

Long post, huh?