NEWS/HEAR: Sigur Rós announce new album ‘Valtari’, hear first single ‘Ekki Múkk’

6 valtari

Oh, Sigur Rós, those fun loving cats, they’ve made more than their fair share of deeply lovely music in their time. If beauty were milk, they would be the kids who took two cartons each. They’re just that way out, I suppose. They’ve been gone a while though, Jónsi has been making his own music and generally looking like he’d hurt you if you got close enough, consequently we’ve had but one lonesome live album to keep us warm at night since 2008’s Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust. Hold back those tears, you sensitive soul, they’re ready to resurface with an new album entitled Valtari (which translates to Steamroller) alongside some festival dates this year. Now, I know you’re a fan of song titles, especially ones in partially fictionalized languages, so here’s some words and numbers. For you, baby.


1 Êg Anda

2 Ekki Múkk
03 Varúð
04 Rembihnûtur

5 Dauðalogn
6 Varðeldur
7 Valtari

“Sure, that’s nice, I suppose. But how about some actual music, Alec?” I presume you’re asking in a kind gesture which would allow me to effortlessly segue into a recommendation that you simply guide your eyes to the Soundcloud embed above, and press play. Once you’ve done that, you’ll hear the first single from Valtari, ‘Ekki Múkk’. It’s obscenely perfect, honestly.

Valtari will be out on the 28th of May, I hope you’re fucking ready.


  • Good subtle approach reminiscent of () and the album with his other half. It’d be splendid if it didn’t have the James-Cameron-esque *cough* Aru Batur *cough* tracks. Bestival shall be grand.