NEWS: Radiohead To Tour, Atoms For Peace Are Still A Thing

  • 21 Sep 11

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Uncertainty is a notion Radiohead as a collective thrive off. It’s well documented that when Thom pops into his local Waitrose for a few bits and bobs, he closes his eyes before grabbing blindly at the milk section, that way he’s left in the dark over whether he’ll be having semi skinned, or full fat with his Crunchy Nut that week. And do you know those ads in the back of music rags? The ones from musicians, looking for other like minded musicians, to get together and do whatever it is musicians do, when they get together? Yeah all those numbers lead back to Johnny Greenwood, a system he’s perfected anonymously, to collaborate in secret with as many new and exciting artists as he can. And of course, whenever Phil turns up at a Radiohead session, it’s a gamble as to whether the gang are going to allow him to have a bash on the skins, or dig out the drum machine again. Well in the spirit of keeping things spontaneous, Thom Yorke announced via Giles Peterson’s Radio 1 show, that Radiohead (including Phil 2 on secondary percussion) would be ”touring on and off” throughout 2012. Why the year long absence between album and tour you ask? I DUNNO DO I?! It could have something to do with the album taking a full 365 days to truly unfurl itself in your mind, like a Lotus Flower, in Bloom, piecing itself together Little By Little everyday, and shit, yeah? Or more likely its because T-homme was busy at work finishing off the debut album, for Flea via Nigel Godrich via Joey Wakoner via Mauro Refosco, collective Atoms For Peace, another tid bit of information, that slipped its way out of his deathly slender mush, on the same show. Expect (or don’t) more details (or nothing) soon (or never).