NEWS: Parenthetical Girls announce LP ‘Privilege (Abridged)’

  • 06 Dec 12

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If you’re one of those tasteful individuals dedicated to following the antics of one of the world’s best groups (no, seriously), Parenthetical Girls, you’ll be quite aware of what they’ve been up to these last few years. Alas, I wouldn’t categorize my faith in the audience of this here patch of internet as unshakable, and so I’ll do a little bit of caretaking before we land on the  excitement. See, way back in halcyon days of 2010, the group (Parenthetical Girls) announced they’d be releasing the follow up to their 2008 record Entanglements as a series of 5 EP’s to be released each quarter, all of this with the intention of trimming their opus down to a more palatable size and releasing it as a regular album. This year, and only 9 months later than promised, the group finally released their final installment, Pt V, Portrait of a Reputation, into the arms of 500 desperate, fawning fans (myself included) and thanked us all for our tireless patience. In celebration of finally getting the thing fucking done with, the group announced today that the abridged version of their 21 track collection would find itself a real release as a shortened best of style affair via Marriage Records & Slender Means Society on the 14th of Feburary, or, to those of us living in Europe or the UK, the March 4th via Splendour.

Whilst you’re waiting  just download all five EP’s and make your own playlist you lazy tart catch the announcement video above.