NEWS: My Bloody Valentine to release new EP and album this year

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  • 01 May 12

  • News


Given the amount of anticipation surrounding the perpetual motion machine of hype that is new My Bloody Valentine material, you’d be forgiven for expecting clouds to have parted for a deity crafted from mangled distortion peddles to descend to earth. Granted, you’d have to be near some fairly forgiving people for that kind of theory to fly, but you’d be forgiven nonetheless. Of course none of that happened, we just got what we asked for, namely, a new EP and LP due for release at some point within the lifespan of a normal human being. The EP, a collection of previously sort-of-difficult-to-hunt-out EP’s ‘Feed Me With Your Kiss’, ‘You Made Me Realise’, ‘Glider’ and ‘Tremolo’ will be packaged with 7  rarities whilst the groups third LP, 16 years in the making (suck on that, Chinese Democracy) will also be released this year. Here’s what Kev Kev had to say!

“It didn’t come out at the time because I didn’t really like it… But in retrospect, the reasons for not liking it anymore. It was just, like, I didn’t like the tone of my voice or something. But now I’m quite happy for people to hear it.”

Hooray for diminished expectations!