NEWS: Mount Kimbie announce Carbonated EP

231 mount kimbie carbonated

Drinks, jelly & British post-dubstep producers. Behold, a list of things improved by the addition of  a careful dose of a high pressure Carbon Dioxide. Without their magical elixir, these things are merely a shadow of their former deliciousness. That’s why Mount Kimbie, stars of these mother fucking posts as well as countless late night playlists have tastefully titled their latest EP (that’s short for Extended Play, kids) after the aforementioned fizzing process in what appears to be a ritualistic order to appease their bubbly god.

I know what you’re thinking, “Can Alec really make an entire post based around a stupid insignificant detail such as the fact that Mount Kimbie  have called their latest release ‘Carbonated’?”. Well, the answer to that is no, I was going to talk about  that there’s a bus and a Vauxhall Astra in the artwork but seeing as you’re being so mean about it, I won’t even bother. Yeah, suck on that, society.

THE BIT WHERE I ACTUALLY TALK ABOUT THE EP: Carbonated will feature this track list

01 Carbonated
02 Flux
03 Baves Chords
04 Adriatic (Klaus Remix)
05 Carbonated (Airhead Remix)
06 Carbonated (Peter van Hoesen Remix)

June 27th is when you can grab it, in the meantime though you can download a gratis copy of “Baves Chords” when you click on these fancy blue words.