NEWS: Metallica and Lou Reed name collab album, you’re still awake

  • 23 Aug 11

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Don’t kid yourself; you thought it was a bad dream too. I don’t blame you, that cheese did taste slightly strange, didn’t it? But no, it’s actually, really happening. In the most unlikely pairing of musical minds music since Morrissey teamed up with The Meat Eating Experience to produce their seminal anti-wildlife LP “What, animals? Lord no” have given a name to their sexually confused offspring, the impossibly sweet sounding “Lulu”. The ten track album is based on lyrics and ideas sketched out by Lou while counting his vast piles of cash and editing his Wikipedia entry to be ever so slightly more self congratulatory for a theater production in Berlin, which along with the those Metallica boys being involved means you can count on it being “REAL MUSIC”. Yeah, you read those capital letters correctly, not like that faggy “indie” you listen to, loser.

It’s going to be out in “fall”, prepare yourself.